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Steps That Lead To Having Tickets In Fly Now Pay Late Flights

If you are planning to travel then you must book your airline ticket now. The airlines have come out with an option called fly now pay later flights which will be very helpful to you. This booking option gives you the freedom to book your ticket now but not pay the entire amount at a go. You can pay the remaining amount in installments according to the plan you select.

Let us see the steps that you will have to take to book airline ticket in this manner.


There are many sites that you will find online that will give you the option to book a ticket using this method. You must select an authorized site and register yourself at that site. For this, you need to give some personal information of yours and get registered.

Search for flight and hotels

After you register you will be given a username and password. Using this username and password you need to sign in to the site. You also have to select the flight that you intend to take to your travel destination. You must make sure that the airline that you are selecting gives you the option to book tickets using this methodology. You can search and select the hotel also that you want to stay at during your holiday. The hotel booking can also be done through these sites.

Payment method

You will be guided to a page where you have to select the method that you want to make your payment. The option that you can select is payment in installments. They give a span of 3, 6, 12 and 18 months to make your payment. You can choose according to your financial condition. You have to make a payment of a small amount to book the ticket that you want.

Making of payment

At the time of booking, you have to make a payment of only 25% of the airfare and the remaining in installments. As you book the 25% your ticket is secured and no one else can have those tickets. The 25% payment that you make is non-refundable so, you have to be certain about your travel plans before you book your ticket

Installment payment

Make sure you never miss your installment payments. This is because if you miss your payment the airlines will not be held responsible for the availability of the tickets and that will also have a bad hit on your credit score.


You will get an e-ticket as you pay the 25% of the airfare and you can have your ticket along with your boarding pass by showing the e-ticket that you have.

These are the steps that you will have to take for having tickets in fly now pay later flights

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