The Eligibility And How Booking A Flight Now And Paying Later Works

If you are planning to go for a holiday this Christmas you must have the plan to save some money so that you can spend that money in other holiday expenses. There are ways to have book flight now pay later and you can avail that. Let us see how you can avail that.

Choose your destination

The first thing that you have to do is to select the place that you want to go. This is necessary as upon that everything depends. As you select the destination you must choose along with it the airlines that you want to travel, the hotel that you want to stay and what places of tourist destination that you want to go. As you can book your hotel also with the airline ticket that you book. The charge of hotel cost will also be less if you book that in this manner.

Making the payment

When you are booking the airline ticket online and the pay page comes up you have just to select pay latter. This will show you options as to how you want to pay. You can choose according to your means. They give installment plans spanning over a period of time and you can select the span that suits your financial budget. You have to select an account from which you will be making the installment payment from. This will be enabling you to make the payment directly from the bank and you do not need to remember the date when the payment has to be made.

This is exactly how the option of paying latter works. Let us see who can have this option of having this payment method.


If you want to have this payment option then you must be above the age of 18 years. That means you need to be an adult to have this payment option. The airlines need to have documentations about your age.

Resident status

You must be a resident of the place from where you are booking the ticket. Suppose you reside at chennai so you will have to book the ticket from that place. Airlines will be requiring documents regarding your residential status. They will be satisfied about your residential status before giving you the ticket with this payment option.

Mobile from the same place

Your mobile should be from the same place where you stay and procuring the ticket. This is required so that the airlines can contact you via your mobile to give any important information.

Debit card

The debit card that you have should be registered from the same address as that from where you are buying the ticket.

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